Date: Tuesday January 19, 8:42 pm

What is a LG Mini-Split system?

A LG mini-split system is a form of ductless cooling or heating. The way that it works is there is a unit out side your home, usual attached to the wall, or it can be ground based. And a unit inside your home, in any room of the house. They are connected via set of flexible insulated copper tubes called line set not expanse and space consuming ducts. The unit that is placed outside takes in the heat, or cool air outside and transfers it via the compressor to the receiving units inside your house. This LG Mini-Split units are ideal for homes that are very close to other building, and do not have room for big furnaces and AC units. LG manufactures a large line of mini-split systems that are available to www.e-Comfortusa.com. Another benefit of having a LG mini split system is that if at any point you want to add another unit inside a house all you would need to do is run a pipe to that room. This is not something you can very easily do with a system that has ducks running throughout your home.

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Date: Monday December 21, 3:05 pm

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